Evaluate needs, prioritize projects, stay on budget, and produce great products with ADco.

Strategic Counsel

Strategic Planning & Positioning. Understand your strategic position, strengths, and weaknesses to ensure your organization is planning and  positioned for success.

Vulnerability Analysis. Know your vulnerabilities first. New organizations, launches, campaigns, and candidates are often blindsided by problems they didn’t know about or fully understand. Be read for the spotlight.

Crisis Management. Prepare and practice for what’s coming or get help with today’s problems.

Major Project & Event Management. Large events, conferences, campaigns, and launches put demands on limited staff resources. If you don’t have the people to own it, we do.

Transitions & Legacy. Major changes in leadership and ensuring senior public leaders leave a well-regarded legacy often requires deft and experienced outside support.

Global Affairs Policy Guidance

Communications. Understand how to communicate with the American people on foreign policy, national security, and other global issues.

Issues support. Navigate the politics of a complex issues landscape.

Veterans outreach guidance. Reach and engage the veterans constituency and avoid the pitfalls that too-often sink outreach efforts.

Connect with thought leaders. Identify must-have relationships and emerging thought leaders in the national security space.


Strategic Communications & Planning. Craft a winning communications strategy that’s more than a list of tactics. Connect the tools you have with the values your audience shares using earned, placed, paid, and digital media.

Message Development. Translate policy to persuasion. From complex national security issues to local economic problems, turn complex jargon into a values-focused message.

Media Training and Preparation. Be ready for the critical interview with one-on-one and group training based on cognitive science and years of media relations experience.

Operations and Audits. Take critical look at your goals, audiences, and messages to develop and execute a winning strategy. And get the most of resources with a thorough review of procedures and tools.

Writing & Editing

Ghost-writing and “book doctor” service. Begin from scratch or get existing material in shape for publication with professional writing and book doctor services.

Op-Ed writing, development, and placement. Have Op-Eds placed for business leaders, political officials, and local leaders in the right publications

Speechwriting and copywriting. Work closely with experienced writers for major events and remarks or produce material for reports, advertising, study guides or other needs.

Copy and style editing. Conform existing material to AP, Chicago, UNESCO, or your own style guide.

Creative & Branding

Tell a compelling brand story. Brand is more than a logo; it’s the story of your values and vision and its design should be a part of all of an organization’s public material. Let’s take a solid look at the story you’re telling.

Publications. Producing quality printed materials is difficult. It’s even harder to get them looking consistent so they tell a cohesive, professional story. Get professional layout and vendor management services.

Graphic design. Most organizations don’t have the resources for an in-house designer. Work with experienced designers on your next graphics project, whether it’s a one-off infographic or an annual report.

Professional photography. Get the shot you want for your website or publication with professional coverage and post-production for special events, receptions and other functions.