More than 20 years of experience in politics, communications, non-profit and advocacy

hs_mckeon2Alice McKeon

Born in Washington, D.C., the daughter of a publisher, Alice McKeon has unsurprisingly focused her career on politics and writing.

McKeon worked in political communications for many years, where she learned the value of brevity and the right word at the right time. Often called upon to translate complex policy language into compelling storylines, she has written extensively for various organizations, including op-eds for principals that have been published in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, Politico, and many more.

It was her role as press secretary of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) that led McKeon to collaborate with her former employer, the organization’s founder and CEO Al From, on his book The New Democrats and the Return to Power in 2013. That book, a memoir and tale of the forgotten history of the Democratic Party’s path into “the wilderness” and its return to prominence, gave her a taste for extensively researched histories told in an accessible, narrative style.

McKeon started her career in political research, delving into candidate’s backgrounds, unearthing secrets from primary and secondary source material, and developing campaign messaging for races all over the country. McKeon’s tenure in political communications included roles as the communications director for the Arizona Democratic Party, as deputy communications director for Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection, and at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) as national rapid response coordinator. During her tenure at the DLC, McKeon worked with the 2008 Presidential Inaugural Committee, where she assisted the political department with logistics and creating briefing books for cabinet members, VIPs, members of Congress, and then-president-elect Barack Obama. In addition, McKeon served as vice president at the Walker Marchant Group, where she wrote speeches, opeds, and communications strategy for nonprofits and Fortune 50 companies.

McKeon attended The College of William & Mary where she received a bachelor’s degree with honors in Art History.

David Solimini

David Solimini brings 15 years of experience in policy and persuasion to national security and foreign policy issues.

Dave has built organizations and campaigns, managed crises and teams, and advised policymakers and candidates on a variety of issues. As Co-Owner and Principal of ADco, he works with issue advocates, nonprofits, and other NGOs to translate policy nuance into persuasive communications. Dave is also the host and creator of The Secure Line, a podcast on the intersection of politics, foreign policy, and national security.

Solimini is a Fellow at the Truman National Security Project and expects to complete a master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in 2018.

Previously, Solimini built and led the influential communications, message guidance, and digital program of the Truman National Security Project. As Vice President, he played a leading role in organization transformation, strategic planning, and program development. David and his team created award-winning campaigns on issues ranging from clean energy and international development to Iran’s nuclear program. Solimini also led communications for Operation Free, the innovative campaign that created a national consensus on the connection between energy policy and national security.  His work has been recognized with Pollie and Reed Awards, including Best Public Affairs Campaign and Best National Public Affairs Television Advertisement.

Prior, Solimini was Speechwriter for Brian Moran’s Virginia gubernatorial campaign, founding Executive Director of the Virginia Redistricting Coalition, press staff on a 2004 presidential primary campaign, and co-founder of Virginia21, the country’s first generational advocate for young voters. He sits on Virginia21’s board of directors.

Solimini holds a BA from the College of William & Mary and lives in Washington, DC.